Weight Loss Surgery in India

Weight Loss Surgery in india

Weight Loss Surgery in India

The growing weight is becoming the concern these days among people. Some people do not seem to know the reasons behind their increasing weight. The reasons can be many. Dr. Ashish Bhanot at AUM Clinics is an eminent bariatrics surgeon who help people in treating their obesity and fat. A team of Dr. Bhanot’s doctors along with the doctor himself perform weight loss surgery in India with complete dedication and commitment.

Treatment for obesity by weight loss surgery in India

There are many ways to reduce weight if a person is fat. But if the fat doesn’t go, surgery is performed so that people can get rid of their excess fat in body. The excess fat in body which also leads to other serious medical issues should be treated.

Not only weight loss surgery in India, laparoscopic colon surgery is also performed by the surgeons at AUM Clinics among others. Laparoscopic colon cancer surgery is the one in which there are small incisions. The cuts made in this surgery are very small and due to this there is very less pain and minimal scars. The post surgery pain is also quite less in comparison to the open surgery. It is also done by Dr. Bhanot and his efficient team.

The gallbladder surgery in India is also gaining attention. The gallstones which form in the gallbladder are, at times, painless and harmless. In cases when the gallstones are painful, they need to be treated.

Gallbladder stone surgery is also performed so that patients can get rid of stones quickly. Initially, when the case is not severe, fundamental suggestions are given by the doctor so that the gallstones disappear on their own. A change in the way of living can, at times, work wonders. Also, diet changes are recommended. Overall, a complete reversal in one’s daily routine and eating habits is suggested by doctor so that people do not face any trouble.

No doubt Dr. Bhanot is very experienced. He performs weight loss surgery in India. The size of the stomach is reduced while performing bariatrics surgery for decreasing weight. ( for people who are obese) Weight loss surgery in India is done when exercise, change in eating patterns and workout fall flat.

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