What are the Varicocele

The expansion of veins which are within the scrotum is called varicocele. The veins which are present in the scrotum are known as pampiniform plexus. Infertility is sometimes caused by varicoceles. Also, it leads to the decline in the quality of sperm and the testicle contracts, and production of sperms is also low. They are mostly located on the left side of the scrotum. 


The causes of hydrocele are 

The cause is still vague and unknown. However, the unusual flow of blood leads to the collection of blood in the veins which then enlarges. The veins hence get dilated due to which the chances of infertility rise. Also, the placement i.e. shape and alignment of veins is the cause of varicoceles. 


1.Chunks in the testicles

2. Expansion of scrotum due to swelling

3. Heavy scrotum and continuous pain

4. Expansion of veins in the scrotum

4. Discomfort when standing for long


There are three surgical treatment for varicocele, namely, subinguinal, inguinal and retroperitoneal. Varicocelectomy is performed in the abnormal veins whose placement and flow of blood is not normal, are tied off by the urologist. The flow of blood is in the normal veins after the surgery. Varicocele embolization is also done in which a coil is put into the tube, which is inserted in the vein of neck, which stops the passage of the blood to the abnormal veins.