Things You Need To Consider For Timely Tummy Tuck Recovery!


Tummy Tuck treatment is not a new thing, infact it is popular for years. According to the statistics, men and women highly prefer to go for tummy tuck treatment instead of shedding sweat in gyming and exercise. Despite its excess popularity, many people don’t know what to expect during the recovery period. Whether tummy tuck is easier for them or how the recovery period varies? There are a number of questions revolves in the mind of people. Well, for all your queries you can pay a visit to Aum Clinics. This is Delhi’s No.1 hospital which is renowned for giving the Best Tummy Tuck Treatment In DelhiAlso, you will get answers to all your worries about tummy tuck treatment. Apart from that, this blog is pretty much beneficial for all your doubts.

How Recovery Time Vary?

There is no exact answer to this question. Just like any other surgical treatment, there is a specific time period for surgical procedures. But it depends upon several factors like-

  • Age
  • Tummy Tuck type
  • General Health
  • Post-Surgery care

After getting the Abdominoplasty Treatment, you can consult with your doctor for the recovery period. However, generally, it takes an 8-week mark for getting normal after the treatment.

 Why Type of Tuck is Also Matters?

There are so many types of tucks that are being performed by proficient doctors like you may get “extended tummy tuck” or “mini tuck” which focus only on the lower abdomen.

If you have gone through extensive abdominal contouring, then it will a long time to heal completely.

What you can expect during the tummy tuck recovery period?

Most of the time, patients don’t get a consultation from doctors after treatment. Well, this to be avoided! Make sure you will stay in touch even after going through tummy tuck treatment. It is always been recommend to consult with the best and certified doctor who can give you recovery advice and assistance throughout the process of healing.

  1. Just after the Surgery! 

After the treatment, your abdomen will be covered with surgical dressing. In most of the cases, there will be small, thin tubes that are placed around the incision in order to drain fluid which builds up around it. It is common and shouldn’t give you any pain or discomfort.

For that, you have to take care of the resting angle and will be provided instruction to move about to prevent blood clots. Thus, consult with your doctors from time to time for getting proper treatment.

  1. When you are at home! 

You will be prescribed with medication and have some limited mobility, so make sure you are following these instructions religiously. Once you at home, call someone if you are finding difficulty in lifting, bending or standing for a long time.

Daily maintenance and proper care are essential for complete recovery. Tummy tuck surgery is undoubtedly one of the best ways to fulfill the aesthetic goals you have made for your body. Hence, ensure that you are focusing on everything to recover fully from the procedure. For getting the best tummy tuck treatment in Delhi, consult with Dr Ashish Bhanot at Aum Clinics. He has years of experience in the medical field and has a team of highly qualified doctors. If you want to know further about the treatment, consult him today only!

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