Things To Know About Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi

A Pilonidal sinus additionally called Pilonidal blister, Pilonidal abscess, or Sacrococcygeal fistula is a sore hole in the skin. It creates over the tailbone at the highest point of the separated of the rump. The growth, for the most part, contains hair and skin pus. More than one pimple may create, and these are connected by holes under the skin.

Treatment of Pilonidal sinus 

No treatment is essential if there should arise an occurrence of a Pilonidal sinus that lies torpid, which implies it isn’t tainted. The occurrence of Pilonidal sinus may lessen if you take the following precautions:

  • Under all the circumstances, make sure to keep the area neat, clean, and absolutely dry.
  • Don’t sit or drive for a very long period of time.
  • Use hair removal cream or razor to remove hair from that particular area.
  • Remove hair from the territory utilizing a razor or hair evacuation cream. You could see a dermatologist (skin pro) and consider hair removal with Laser.

If there is pain or release from the Pilonidal sinus, then it may lead to a serious skin infection. For this, you must contact Dr Ashish BhanotThe medical procedure taken from will surely cure your pilonidal sinus.

Following are some Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi:

  • WIDE EXCISION OF PILONIDAL SINUS: The surgeon makes a wide hole nearby extraction of the skin containing the sinus tract.
  • LASER PILONIDAL PLASTY (LPP): This is an insignificantly obtrusive method done utilizing the Leonardo laser.
  • Extraction WITH PRIMARY CLOSURE: The boil and sinus are carefully expelled, and the injury is closed with sutures.
  • Z-plasty: In Z-plasty in the removal of boil and sinus, the surgeon loosens triangular folds on each side of the midline to fill the hole, with purposes of fold towards the top and bottom.
  • Parted LIFT/MODIFIED KARYDAKIS/CLEFT CLOSURE: The surgeon evacuates all the zone of sickness and ensures the injury is solid.
  • LIMBERG FLAP/GLUTEAL FLAP: This procedure is done in patients who have a broad Pilonidal malady or who have sickness influencing the two sides of the butt cheek.

Reasons for Pilonidal sinus 

  • Prominent in males
  • Sedentary way of life
  • People who sit for extended periods at a stretch, eg. Drivers
  • Thick body hair particularly those that are coarse and wavy
  • Obesity
  • Family history of Pilonidal sinus

Side effects Of Pilonidal sinus 

  • Recurring scenes of pain or expansion in the tailbone.
  • Yellowish discharge like or pus release from the tailbone area which might be putrid
  • Painful protuberance under the skin here
  • Certain exercises like riding a bike, doing sit-ups might be entirely awkward.
  • Fever

Pilonidal sinus can easily be treated by consulting a specialist. You will not have any problems further after you get treated by Dr Ashish Bhanot.


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