Great doctor

Dr ashish bhanot is a very skilled surgeon in minimum invasive surgeries. He treated me for fistula now i am fit.

Brilliant doctor

I have seen hundreds of patients with complex fistula being treated by technique invented by dr ashish bhanot he treats his patients very well

Dr. Like never before

Dr. Ashish Bhanot is undoubtedly the best surgeon with excellent Surgical skills & clinical experience! I went to him for laparoscopic surgery. He had performed the surgery without giving me deep cuts or pain. Thankful to Dr. Bhanot!

I Would Recommend Dr.Ashish Bhanot

I was suffering from sinuses in my lower abdomen from the past 3 years. I am from Kolkata, so I went to a local plastic surgeon in Kolkata for my treatment. I went through 3 surgeries in the span of two years but my disease still wont cure. That is when a friend of mine who lives in Delhi recommended me of DR.Ashish Bhanot. Doctor not only thoroughly examined me but also took time to listen to my complications. I again went through a surgery under doctor Ashish Bhanot and now I can say that I am finally fit and healthy. If you have any problem of such kind I would recommend you to consult Dr.Ashish Bhanot

There’s no one like dr ashish bhanot

I recommend Dr. Ashish Bhanot to everyone who is suffering from Piles Problem! The way he cares & treats his patients is just phenomenal. He is surely one of the best surgeons in Delhi!

Experienced Doctor!

I was suffering from fissure and fistula then I came to consult Dr. Ashish bhanot I was in very bad condition. He advises me surgery. After surgery i. e 3 weeks I am very normal. Now I can sit and ride the bike which I was not doing during my suffering time...
Thank u, Dr. Ashish Bhanot

He is an expert in his field!

He did my surgery and my father's too. Even after visiting other doctors for 2nd opinions, I eventually returned back to him. His diagnosis is on point, doesn't beat around the bush and tells you the reality. He is an expert in his field. 10/10 to him.

Thanks To Dr. Bhanot & Team

Dr. Bhanot did a fantastic job at removing some 200 lipomas on my arms and thighs in one day in November 2017. No stitches were done during the surgery and I am very satisfied with the results. The technique used for lipoma removal is excellent. The level of pain and discomfort post-surgery were relatively moderate.
Even though some of the lipomas were around 3-4cm big I have very small scars of no more than 3mm. The scars are slowly fading away when I'm using the prescribed gel. I love my new lipoma-free arms and legs.
I am not from India and traveled to Delhi especially for this treatment. Dr. Bhanot is a great surgeon, very caring and gentle. I feel very fortunate that I fell in the right hands. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Bhanot & Team.

Dr. Bhanot Did A Fantastic Job

Just like everyone here has said, he is a great person and a great surgeon. I got my surgery done and got relief from day 1, now after a month, I am as good as earlier. Thumps up and thanx for being so patient and for the treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Ashish Bhanot

I was struggling with fistula but somehow I heard about Dr. Ashish Bhanot and he advise me a treatment now I am satisfied with the treatment and doing well. I would recommend Dr. Ashish Bhanot

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