Observing Bulge Beneath Your Skin? It Could Be Lipoma!

Observing Bulge Beneath Your Skin? It Could Be Lipoma!

A lipoma is a lump that can occur under the skin due to the excessive growth of fat cells. If you ask doctors, they consider lipoma as benign tumors. It means they are non-cancerous growth. Though it did not cause any pain yet people wishes to remove lipoma so that there will be no complications or pain in the future. Also, some people have a serious concern about the lipoma cosmetic appearance, hence it becomes essential for them to get it removed. But make sure you are consulting with Dr Ashish Bhanot only who is renowned as the best doctor for lipoma treatment in Dwarka

Where You Can Observe Lipoma under the skin?

Lipomas can occur anywhere! Yes, it can develop anywhere on the body where is the overgrowth of fat cells. But the most common region where you can observe the presence of lipomasare chest, shoulders, thighs, neck, armpits, or trunk. In the less common case, it can also happen in bones, internal organs, and muscles. Lipomas are usually soft and can move under the skin when people press down on the affected area. It generally grows slow with passing months or years. Also, its size is around 2-3 cm. It can be about more than 10 cm, depending upon the overgrowth of the fat cells.

What are the main causes of Lipoma?

Till now, no one knows the actual cause of lipoma. Some people have lipoma due to generic problems. This is rare and called familial multiple lipomatosis. It can also happen to those who are suffering from given below issues-

  • Cowden syndrome
  • Gardner’s syndrome
  • Adiposis Dolorosa
  • Madelung’s disease

According to the researches, some lipomas may result due to injury or substantial impact given on that particular region.

How you can observe the presence of lipoma? It’s Symptoms!

Those people having lipoma can feel the soft, oval-shaped bulge on their skin. It is painless until it affects nerves, joints, blood vessels, or organs.

A lipoma that doesn’t appear visibly but occur deep inside the skin can place pressure on the internal organs or internal nerves. In that case, the patient will experience vomiting, nausea, or constipation while having this problem.

If you are suffering from any of the causes, then don’t forget to consult with the best doctor for Lipoma treatment in Dwarka.

When it’s high time to see a doctor?

People shouldn’t avoid bulge on the skin and must consult immediately after noticing it. More than one lumps can also occur if left untreated. There could be any changes which you can observe in lipoma like-

  • Increased size or suddenly growing
  • Painful and create discomfort
  • Becoming red-colored or hot
  • Turn into an immovable lump
  • Shows visible changes


Where to get the treatment?

Lipoma can be removed from the body even without taking any surgery. But it depends upon the case of the patient. Hence, make sure you are consulting with the best doctor who can rectify the problem without any surgery. In that case, you can communicate with Dr Ashish Bhanot. He can give you Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka. He is one of the most proficient doctors who first analyze the problem and then proceed with the treatment. His main aim is to give treatment without surgery if the lipoma is benign. However, for the worst cases, he recommends surgery, but that also depends after seeing the reports. If you are observing one or more than lipoma bulge on your body, consult with him today only without making any further delay. He promises you to give safe and effective solutions in no time.


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