Needlescopic surgery

What is Needlescopic surgery? (Ultra-minimally invasive surgery)

Needlescopic Surgery is a surgery in which the incisions are even less than 3 millimeters in size. There are almost no scars and marks as the cuts are sealed with tape in the surgery due to the small incisions. This surgery is a substitute to laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, the pain, which is just about very less, can be assuaged with the aid of anodynes.

In this surgery, incisions are done with a needle like tool, however, larger incisions were made laparoscopically, formerly, in gallbladder removal, appendectomy, diagnostic laparoscopy, Nissen fundoplication and Heller myotomy. Being the final version of minimally invasive surgery, it is a little tough to perform.

Procedure of Needlescopic Surgery

The narrow guide tubes are inserted into the small cuts that are further passed into tiny instruments through the tubes, with the assistance of small television camera for direction, by the surgeons when the needlescopic surgery is performed. The surgeons have an easy and complete access to abdominal cavity because of the small instruments and tools used in the surgery,, and therefore, they do not have to cut larger area. The lessened size means less harm to the abdominal wall with less pain.

There are smaller instruments used in needlescopic surgery. The size of the tools are similar to the size of sewing needles. Owing to the use of small instruments and small incisions, the pain which comes post operation is slackened off and hence, the time for staying at the hospital is also reduced considerably. Eventually, there is no scarring in needlescopic surgery which improves the restoration and enhancement of beauty of body and restricts the trauma of tissues. 

However, there are certain complexities as well in needlescopic surgery. The size of the instruments makes it difficult for the surgeons to hold them. With the help of small instruments, the surgeons can reach the areas which were earlier difficult to access. Needlescopic surgery allow the surgeons to perform accurate suturing and resection.