Man Boobs Surgery Doctor in Gurgaon

Man boobs surgery doctor in Gurgaon

Man Boobs Surgery Doctor in Gurgaon

The ratio of hormones gets imbalanced which leads to a non-cancerous condition, which is an endocrine disorder, in men. The breast tissue in men gets enlarged due to fluctuations in hormones. Estrogen is released in excess in comparison to androgens. Men, in various stages of life, can develop big breasts. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is a man boobs surgery doctor in Gurgaon who provides the treatment for gynecomastia. Surgery is done by the doctor at AUM Clinics, Dwarka

The increase in the male breast tissue which is present in males in a less amount can result in swelling and pain. AUM Clinics is a man boobs treatment hospital in Delhi where men with this condition can get treated. Scarless treatment is done by the doctor which is completely painless. at times this condition can also be caused by a result of taking medications and drugs like antibiotics, heartburn drugs, anabolic steroids, etc.

Man boobs surgery doctor in Gurgaon for patients of gynecomastia

Often pseudogynecomastia is thought to be gynecomastia. Some men due to obesity find that their chest has increase. The deposits of fat get collected in the breasts which makes them appear enlarged. This, however, is not what we call gynecomastia. This endocrine disorder can show its impact on both breasts and a single side as well.

There is no particular age of gynecomastia as infants, adults and older men can develop it. While in infants it vanishes within two to three weeks after the birth, it is similar in adults and aged men too. But the rub lies when it does not go away and symptoms begin to trouble the patient to an extent that treatment becomes necessary.

Swelling, tenderness, sensitive breasts, milky discharge from nipples, pain, etc are some of the symptoms that can be seen and experienced by the patients. Also, this enlargement of breasts is associated with kidney failure, obesity, hyperthyroidism, low levels of testosterone, loss of liver cells, etc.

Man boobs surgery doctor in Gurgaon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot provides ayurvedic treatment too who do not wish to go for the surgery.

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