Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka

Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka

Any fat tissue developing under the skin which is non-cancerous is known as lipoma. No matter what your age is, you can develop them. At times, it can be serious and painful if it causes any pain or other symptoms occur. They are often located on shoulders, upper back, neck, arms, thighs and abdomen. Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka is done by a renowned doctor Ashish Bhanot.

Lipoma is a growth on the skin which is soft to touch, pale and colourless. It can be the result of an injury or may be hereditary reasons. Also, it moves easily to and fro if touched by the hand. Some people have just one lipoma, other have more than one lipoma on their bodies. Looking for the best clinic for lipoma treatment in Dwarka? AUM Clinics,at Dwarka is the perfect option for all your dilemmas and problems related to lipoma.

Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka is available at AUM Clinics

Generally, no treatment is required for lipoma but if it becomes painful or causes discomfort treatment becomes necessary. Liposuction is done using a needle and syringe by which fat tissue is drawn out. There are other treatments as well which work equally well and saves the hassle for the patients of going through the surgical process. Once they are removed either surgically or naturally do not come back and do cause any other disease too.

Lipoma treatment without surgery in Dwarka is done at AUM Clinics by Dr. Ashish Bhanot who doles out certain medications and oils which helps in treating lipoma. Natural home remedies which can be beneficial in getting rid of lipoma are also suggested to the patients suffering from lipoma.

Organic foods in diet must be included so that toxins stored in the fat tissue can be removed as there are no preservatives added in the organic good. Diet plays a huge part, therefore, one must include fruits and vegetables along with protein in one’s diet.