Is Surgery the Only Option for Anal Fistula?

Is Surgery the Only Option for Anal Fistula?

A fistula is defined as an unnatural tract that connects a hollow organ (e.g. intestine) to the surface of the skin (buttocks) or another hollow organ. It is a tract that connects rectum and buttocks skin. Through the pus or external opening, faeces can also be excreted in some cases. Thinking how it originated or what is the FILAC treatment? Or Surgery is the only option? So many questions revolving in your mind? Then go through this blog and know everything related to it.

How Anal Fistula Originated?

Generally, anal fistula originates from anus small glands. When it gets infected, it results in a pus-filled cavity that leads way for discharging. You may be surprised to know that it can also due to radiation therapy.

How does the Surgical Treatment Proceed?

Now, the question arises “how this process goes on”? Well, a doctor first diagnoses the condition through ultrasound or digital exam. Then, he recognizes the opening of the outer fistula by simply viewing the region of anal. Rectum inner opening is palpated like nodules. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used for viewing the adjacent smaller abscesses or tracts.

Surgery is certainly the Right Option for Complex Anal Fistula!

Anal fistulas rarely heal without the need of surgery. Hence, you can say, it is essential for the treatment. The inflammatory tissue is needed to extract from the region so that there will be no accumulation of pus or inflammation.

  • The surgical treatment firstly depends upon the course of fistula. This fistula tract can either present under the mucous membrane or break through the sphincter muscle completely or partially.
  • Adding to that, there are rarer fistula types that must be treated individually. However, make sure you are consulting with the reputed doctor for the FILAC treatment. This is a sphincter-preserving procedure that treats the complex anal fistula without any inconvenience.

How the Laser Treatment Proceed?

In the FILAC or Fistula-tract Laser Closure treatment, the laser probe is inserted in the fistula tract. Then, the laser destroys the fistula tissue and just after that, it closes the tract. The best part of this treatment is- this is nearly painless and the recovery timeperiod would be less. This procedure takes less time as compared to conventional surgical treatment.

Where to Get the Treatment for Anal Fistula?

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