IRC treatment- A painless way to get rid of your piles

IRC treatment of piles in Delhi

IRC treatment- A painless way to get rid of your piles

Piles is a very common condition these days. More than 10 million cases are seen every year in India itself. There are a bunch of treatment for piles but till date the most reliable one remain surgery. But having a surgery has its own drawbacks like pain, long recovery time, side effects, etc. What if there is another mode of treatment which is as effective as surgery? After all who wants to get a surgery?

IRC treatment is non-surgical and effective treatment for piles. You need to go to the best doctor for IRC treatment of piles in Delhi.

What is IRC treatment?

IRC treatment stands for Infrared Coagulation treatment. Here, the infrared light is used as a heat source to coagulate/clot the vessels supplying blood to the piles.A small probe is used for painlessly delivering a few short bursts of infrared light to the piles. The infrared coagulation enables the enlarged piles to shrink and recede.

This treatment is more used for small or medium sized and internal piles.

Why should you opt for IRC treatment?

  • It is a non-surgical and painless way to get rid of those piles.
  • It is a fast procedure and takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • There is no need of anaesthesia.
  • Only some patients feel a minimal discomfort.
  • No dietary restrictions are needed prior to the procedure.
  • Recovery time is less and patients can return to their normal activities in a few days.
  • Only some minor bleeding or spotting is observed.
  • It is a safe procedure with no further complications.

Where to go for this treatment?

If you have decided to get the IRC treatment then you should go to the best doctor for it i.e. Dr. Ashish Bhanot. He is an expert in treating piles via IRC treatment. And he has successfully treated many patients with the help of this treatment.

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