What are the Hydrocele

The compilation of serous fluid inside a scrotum is called hydrocele. THe scrotum gets swollen due to the accumulation of many fluids. Primary hydroceles are painless and can go on their own as the swelling is soft. However, doctor consultation is necessary. Secondary hydroceles occur due to the outcome of cancer, hernia or inflammation of testis.

Hydroceles usually occur in the newborns, however, can occur late as well in adults. There are two types – communicating and non-communicating hydroceles.


The causes of hydrocele are 

1: When the testicles proceed towards the scrotum, the fluid gets accumulated
2: The fluid gets collected in elders as well because of the non-closure of channels through which testicles fall down.
3: Inflammation or injury in the scrotum 


1.The testicles of the baby looks swollen

2. Swelling increases in communicating hydrocele

3. Heavy scrotum in case of adults

4. Defective soaking up of fluid 


Generally, hydrocele vanishes itself in infants. In case it doesn’t a urologist can be consulted. Also, general anaesthesia is given to children. A communicating hydrocele that can cause hernia needs a surgery. With the help of surgery, hydrocele is removed by making a little cut in the scrotum.

Needle aspiration is one more method to treat hydrocele. The fluid is drawn out by injecting the needle. This surgery might cause fleeting pain and infection.