Hydrocele Operation in Delhi

Hydrocele Operation in Delhi

The accumulation of fluid in a body cavity around a testicle is called hydrocele. It is usually seen in newborns and vanish on its own. There are two types of hydroceles – communicating hydrocele and non communicating hydrocele. When the sac doesn’t close all the way facilitating fluid to flow, it is called communicating hydrocele. Whereas non communicating hydroceles are the ones in which fluid is not absorbed by the body when the sac closes. Hydrocele operation in Delhi is done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot at Aum Clinics, Dwarka. 

Hydrocele is caused by defective absorption of fluid, inflammation within the scrotum, excess fluid, ie. secondary hydrocele, premature birth of babies, some injury, etc. The doctor checks the signs and symptoms and considering all the symptoms in detail, he doles out advice and performs the surgery, if need be. So hydrocele operation in Delhi is done through open operation. 

How is hydrocele operation in Delhi done?


In case the hydrocele doesn’t disappear on its own , it ought to be taken seriously as it needs a surgery. Surgery is done by the doctor when to avoid any serious testicular condition. The patient is given a general anesthesia. In order to remove the hydrocele, incision is made in the lower abdomen A tube is required to drain the fluid post surgery. This surgery is called hydrocelectomy. Varicocele treatment in Delhi is also given by the eminent surgeon Dr. Ashish Bhanot. Varicocele is an abnormal increase in the network of veins that holds the testicles. 

If you are looking for hydrocele treatment in Delhi, head to Dr. Ashish Bhanot without any second thought. A physical examination is conducted by a doctor in which the scrotum is pressed to check for inguinal hernia, tenderness is checked in the swollen scrotum. Also, ultrasound is recommended sometimes along with urine tests to check if the child has some sort of infection. 

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