Fat, when gets accumulated in excessive amounts in body leads to obesity. Now this happens majorly due to wrong eating habits, lack of physical activity, excessive drinking or lack of sleep.  Genetic and hormonal factors also play a vital role in contributing to obesity. It is a matter of great concern as it makes you prone to various health disorders such as high BP, Type 2 diabetes and various kinds of heart disorders. In order to combat such a situation you’ve got to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Various treatments are given these days in order to solve obesity issues among people. Weight loss surgeries, gastric balloon inflation and diet are some of the measures adopted by people in order to get rid of this problem. However, it should be noted that there are few home remedies available that can actually help you in shedding those extra pounds! Now, there are two ways for speeding up your metabolism. One is through following a specific diet plan and the other one requires a combination of exercise and healthy eating. We recommend going by the latter one as it is the most ideal and natural way of losing weight. Along with doing proper exercise and proper eating, you can follow some of these guidelines mentioned below for quicker results.

  • Water is your best buddy when it comes to losing weight quickly. It is basically an appetite suppressant as it keeps your stomach full. It will be better if you add a chunk of lemon into your water as it will help in detoxifying your liver to a great extent.
  • Green tea helps in burning of fat. Its powerful antioxidants help in speeding up the metabolism of your body and burn energy.
  • Eating foods rich in fibre can actually help in absorbing fat from your body.
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar is yet another way of losing body weight, especially brown fat. The ideal way to consume it is by mixing one teaspoon of ACV in a warm glass of water and taking it 10 minutes prior to main meals.
  • Sleep is also one of the major contributory factors in weight loss. Therefore, getting the right amount of sleep is a must.
  • Mustard and chillies being strong thermogenics can help in reducing your weight to a considerable amount.

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