Gall Bladder Stone Removal Surgery in Delhi

Gall Bladder Stone Removal Surgery in Delhi

Gall Bladder Stone Removal Surgery in Delhi

Gall bladder stone surgery is done so that the patients can do away with the trouble and pain of gallstones. Gallstones are stoones, i.e. solid deposits that are accumulated in the gallbladder. Gall bladder stone removal surgery in Delhi is done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot at AUM Clinics, Dwarka. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is a prominent surgeon who is well known for his experience and surgeries. He has performed a number of surgeries, thereby, giving his customers and patients satisfaction and relief from a number of medical and health issues.

Gallstones which are excruciatingly painful ought to be treated. Not all gallstones need treatment. Some of the gallstones just disappear without any surgery at all. Also, not all gallstones are painful. The ones that inflict pain are treated with gall bladder stone laser surgery. Gallbladder stone laser surgery is done only when all others methods or medications do not show any positive result. Gallbladder stones removal in New Delhi is one way to give a wide berth to gallstones among others.

There are basically two kinds of gallstones – cholesterol stones and pigment stones. Cholesterol stones are most common and are yellowish-green. Pigment stones are usually darker in colour and are small in size. They are bilirubin stones.

Ways of gall bladder stone removal surgery in Delhi

Surgical and medical treatments are done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot depending on the nature of the stones. Also, the symptoms shown by patients also play a good deal of role in the treatment of gallstones. Gall bladder stone removal surgery in Delhi by Dr. Ashish Bhanot comes to the rescue of patients who wants to undergo surgery to get rid of pain. Talking of surgical treatment of gallstones, cholecystectomy is done – both open and laparoscopic. Whereas medical treatment involves pills, drugs and medicines which help gallstones vanish over a period of time.

In laparoscopic surgery, there are small incisions done by the doctor in which the patient can recover quickly in comparison with the open surgery. This is preferred so that the pain felt by the patients is very less.While it takes more time to recover and resume basic activities in an open surgery. Ditch your confusion and consult Dr. Bhanot for gall bladder stone removal surgery in Delhi.

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