Gall Bladder Stone Laser Treatment

Gall Bladder Stone Laser Treatment

Gall Bladder Stone Laser Treatment

How often do we hear people yelling in pain because of gallstones? The answer is very often. Gallstones which have symptoms need to treated. Some gallstones do not cause any pain, and hence they show no symptoms as such. The deposits of stones in the gallbladder are known as gallstones. Stones are the pieces of digestive fluid or solid material formed in the gallbladder. The stones that cause pain require treatment. Gall bladder stone laser treatment is one of the best treatments for removing gallstones so that people can get rid of the excruciating pain.

The most common kind of gallstones are cholesterol gallstones, made of undissolved cholesterol, which are yellowish-green in colour. Pigment stones are made up of bilirubin, which is a reddish yellow pigment formed during the breakdown of red blood cells, which comes from bile. The gallstones are caused by the weight, genes, diet, etc. If the bile has a lot of cholesterol and bilirubin, it leads to the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Also, when the gallbladder does not empty in a correct manner, the gallstones are formed.

Gall bladder stone laser treatment in Delhi at AUM Clinics

One must avoid things that can emerge as a risk factor in the development of gallstones. Some of the risk factors are diet low in fiber, high-cholesterol and high-fat diet, skipping meals, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, heredity, liver disease, etc. which can cause gallstones to form in the gallbladder. However, the risk can be reduced if certain things are kept in consideration. Maintenance of body weight is essential as being obese can dial up the risk of gallstones. Healthy weight is must which can be obtained by physical activities and burning calories. Weight should be reduced slowly and gradually instead of quick and rapid weight loss.

There are various symptoms people show after they have developed gallstones like shooting pain in upper abdomen, abrupt intensifying pain, nausea, vomiting, pain in the right shoulder and back, reflective or referred pain, etc.

Medications are given by the doctor which help in dissolving gallstones which may take weeks and months. The best gallbladder stone doctor in Delhi performs gallbladder stone laser treatment in Delhi which is a completely painless treatment at AUM Clinics, Dwarka. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is done by the surgeon after which the patient can go home the same day. Also, the recovery is quicker in comparison to the open surgery. The surgery is done with the help of a laparoscope and small incisions are done in the stomach.

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