Femoral Hernia: What Are The Main Causes & Treatment?

Most of us clear of the fact that we are suffering from a hernia problem. But the only issue is – we are not able to figure out from which kind of hernia they are suffering from or what are its main symptoms. Femoral Hernia is one of the common hernias which is found more in women. Thinking what is it and what are the main causes? Plus, where you can get the best hernia treatment in Delhi? If these questions revolving in your mind, then wait for a while. This blog will answer all your queries in no time. So, without wasting a minute, let’s proceed.

What is a Femoral Hernia? Femoral Hernia: What Are The Main Causes & Treatment?

Femoral Hernia is developed when tissues push through the inner thigh or week spot in the muscle wall. It’s your strong muscles that keep organs and intestine in its position. But when you overstrain the muscle, it would lead to a femoral hernia. This appears as a bulge near the thigh or groin. The femoral canal is consists of- femoral artery, nerves, and smaller veins.

Due to this hernia, blood flow can be blocked to the intestine which is called strangulation. It is certainly a medical emergency; hence it is highly advisable to consult with the best doctor for hernia treatment

What are the causes of Femoral Hernia?

It could be possible that individuals are born with the week area of the femoral canal. Though with the passing years, it gets treated on its own.But, if it creates discomfort, then you must consult with a doctor. Apart from them, here are some of the primary causes of femoral hernia that are as follows-

  • Obesity
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Chronic Constipation
  • During Childbirth
  • Strong-Or Persistent Cough
  • Passing Stool or urine

What is the effective treatment for femoral Hernia?

If the femoral hernia is causing pain and discomfort, then make sure you are consulting with the best doctor for surgery. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is certainly the best doctors who are renowned for performing laparoscopic surgery. He performs the surgery under general anesthesia. He makes sure that patients won’t get deep cuts or big marks. Aum Clinics is one of the Best Hernia Treatment Hospitals in Delhi which is equipped with advanced techniques and the latest equipment. So, why to wait? Get safe and effective treatment from the proficient doctors.

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