Facts You Need To Know About Hernia!

Facts You Need To Know About Hernia!


When an organ or a body part bulges out of the muscle tissue, it is called a hernia. Hernias can be very painful. If you have hernia then you should opt for the best hernia treatment in Delhi.

Mostly, one experiences pain while having hernias but not everyone has severe symptoms. Even if the latter is the case you should still consult a medical professional so that it doesn’t get more severe. Hernias are very common but still, there’s little awareness about them. Let’s check out things everyone should know about hernias.

Things You Must Know About Hernias!


Who’ll get it?

The occurrence of hernias is more common in men than in women. A man is almost 10 times more likely to get a hernia than a woman. But this doesn’t mean women can’t suffer from hernia, during pregnancy many women suffer from hernias. Moreover, femoral hernia is more common in women.

Does Hernia Give You Intense Pain?

Hernias can be very painful as they’re forcefully bulging out and might also rupture. But this is not always the case. Many people don’t feel any kind of pain when they have hernias.

What are the major causes?

Usually, it is said that hernias occur due to lifting heavy weights but it is not always true. It can also be caused by pregnancy, too much physical activity, straining in the bathroom, a weak spot on muscles or a persistent cough.

Things You Can Do!

A hernia does not heal on its own, so, you will need medical help to completely get rid of the hernia. You should get the best hernia treatment in Delhi and make sure that it’s gone for good.

  • Self-diagnosis :  You can diagnose whether you have a hernia or not at home itself. If you have symptoms like fever, discomfort while going to the bathroom, vomiting, severe pain and tenderness then you might be suffering from a hernia.
  • Book an Appointment :  After self-diagnosis, make sure you are consulting with a renowned doctor. If you have a hernia and are seeking treatment then consult  Dr Ashish Bhanot only. He is a famous doctor in Delhi, who is also an expert in treating hernias. He can be consulted at Aum Clinics which is the best hernia treatment hospital in Delhi.
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