Can Smoking Be The Cause Of Piles?

Can Smoking Be The Cause Of Piles

Can Smoking Be The Cause Of Piles?

Piles are painful, irritating and very common. Most of us will have piles at least once in our lifetimes. More than 10 million cases of piles are reported each year in India. If you are suffering from piles then you should go to a skilled doctor for piles treatment in Delhi.

It is common knowledge that our lifestyles play a vital role in determining whether we will suffer from piles or not. A person who has poor diet (without fibers) or regularly suffers from constipation is very likely to suffer from piles. Unhealthy diet or constipation causes straining while going to the toilet, which in turn causes of piles. Heavy drinkers are also prone to piles are drinking causes dehydration which makes it difficult to pass stool. And it is also said that smoking may cause piles. But how much of this is true?

Does Smoking Cause Piles?

We all know that smoking is dangerous and it can lead to dangerous diseases like cancer, heart attack, strokes, etc. But can it cause piles? Well, smoking can actually cause piles.

  • The harmful substances found in cigarettes, like nicotine, causes vasoconstriction and bad blood circulation. This in turn makes the blood struggle to get to the blood vessels in the anus, and thus piles are formed.
  • Moreover, people who are regular smokers usually suffer from constipation. The long term nicotine injection makes stool dry. And both of these things combined can cause piles.

It is always recommended to cut down on smoking if you are suffering from piles. And you should get the best piles treatment in Delhi.

Things You Need To Remember!

Eat fibrous foods so that you can avoid constipation, which is the main cause of piles. Plus don’t smoke or drink on a regular basis as they most definitely can cause piles. And if you are already suffering from piles then just cut back on the smoking otherwise you might have more complications.

Plus always remember to consult a skilled and experienced doctor like Dr. Ashish Bhanot for your piles. He is a renowned doctor who has successfully treated many piles patients and with him you will get the best possible treatment. If you leave your piles untreated then they can cause you more pain and discomfort and disrupt your daily lives. So go to Aum Clinics, the best piles clinic in Delhi and get your piles treated.

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