What is the best Medicine Cream for fissure Piles

What is the best Medicine Cream for fissure Piles

What is the best cream for fissure Piles problem ?
There are many medicine available for fissure in the form of painkillers, Laxatives and local anesthetic agents
Application of local anesthetic cream or gel may help avoid the torture experienced in passage of stools in the patients with acute fissures. Ointments containing opiates, xylocaine, amethocain, and cinchocain to relieve pain, belladonna to alleviate sphincter spasm.
but problem with this medicine is fissure never heals completely with medicine even if it heals it will lead to scarring of area and whenever person passes hard  or well formed stool fissure develops again at the scarred area or inside.
this recurrent  tearing  mucosa or  finally leads to puncture in anal canal leading to abscess and fistula formation.

Medicine for fissure - Best medicine for fissure

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