Best hospital for varicose veins

Varicose veins are swollen, enlarged, and twisting veins that often appear blue or dark purple. It happens when faulty valves in the veins allow blood to flow in the wrong direction or directly to the pool. Today, there are more than 23 percent of adults who are affected by the varicose veins. It led to aching in legs, spider veins, and swollen ankles which surely not good for the healthy body. Hence, it is recommended to get a consultation in Aum Clinics, which is the best hospital for varicose veins treatment. Here you can communicate your problem with Dr. Ashish Bhanot who has already handled so many cases of varicose veins and well known for giving positive results.

What are Varicose Veins?

Basically, varicose veins often appear on the feet and legs. It happens when the valves in veins do not work appropriately, so the blood does not flow effectively.

If it visually appears and not giving any pain, then it rarely needs treatment but if aching, swelling, and painful, and creating discomfort in your life then you can’t take it casually. In severe cases, the varicose vein may rupture or develop varicose ulcers on the skin. All these require serious treatment. Thus, make it sure that you are consulting with a renowned doctor to reduce any kind of complications in the future. Once you get the best laser treatment for varicose veins, then you can easily get rid of this problem.

Does Surgery Treatment is Best for patients?

See, if Varicose is large and swollen, then there is dire need to remove it surgically. It is usually done under general anesthetic. Whereas in most of the cases, patients can go home on the same day after the surgery. But if you are getting treatment for both of your legs, then you may have to spend one night in the hospitals. Laser treatments are often used to close off the spider and smaller veins. When a strong burst of light is applied to the vein, it gradually disappears and fades. This procedure is basically done when pain is unbearable.

So, if you are the one who is suffering from the same problem, then don’t make any further delay and rush to Dr. Ashish Bhanot. He is highly experienced and assures you to give best results. For further information, you can visit the website: