Best Hernia Surgeon in Delhi

Best hernia surgeon in Delhi

Best Hernia Surgeon in Delhi

Best Hernia Surgeon in Delhi

The abnormal exit of a tissue through an opening in the muscle in which it normally lives is known as hernia. There are different kinds of hernia – inguinal hernia, incisional hernia, umbilical hernia, hiatal hernia, femoral hernia, groin hernia, etc., inguinal hernia being the predominant. The weakness of muscles is the reason behind the occurrence of hernia. People who suffer from hernia show various symptoms. On the basis of signs shown, the best hernia surgeon in Delhi provides the treatment for hernia.

Hernia is caused by muscle strains and muscle weakness. The muscle pressure makes the organ bulge out through the weak or opening spot. The weakening of muscles is caused by damage from any injury or surgery, chronic coughing, natural ageing, etc. whereas muscle strain is caused by abrupt gain in weight, chronic coughing and sneezing, constipation, pregnancy, etc. Both the weakening and straining of muscles lead to the development of hernia.

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There are certain risk factors for hernia like obesity, chronic cough, chronic constipation, family history of hernia, recurrent vomiting, poor nutrition, smoking, pregnancy, abdominal surgeries, etc. Therefore, one must take care as to not increase the risk of developing this condition called hernia. Several symptoms are shown by the patients who are down with hernia. Some of the signs which are shown by the patients are bulge in the affected area, burning sensation at the side of the bulge, pressure and weakness in abdomen, pain in the affected area, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. The symptoms shown by the patients depend on the kind of hernia the patient suffers from.

While lifting objects, coughing, standing up and bending down, the pain exacerbates to a great extent. When it comes to babies, a bulge or lump is only seen in umbilical hernia. Also, some cases no symptoms at all. It is known only after a medical examination at times. Treatment is given as per the condition and type of the hernia. Dietary changes along with lifestyle changes are recommended. One ought to keep his or her weight in a healthy range, and do proper exercises. Also, medications are provided by the doctor. Laparoscopic surgery is also done by the best hernia surgeon in Delhi if the hernia causes pain and grows bigger in size. There is no damage to the surrounding tissue and in this surgery and the patients recover very quickly.

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