Obesity is a serious health issue that can be treated using various methods. For people who are denied other bariatric procedures, gastric sleeve surgery or vertical gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is an ideal option to consider.

In this procedure a large incision, or several small incisions are made in the abdomen and a laparoscope is inserted, after which almost half of your stomach is removed leaving a vertical thin tube or sleeve, almost the shape of a banana. This process helps patients in reducing their weight to a great extent as it makes you feel fuller soon. People having a BMI of 40 at least are deemed fit for the surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is an altogether different concept. You may experience some pain for first few days and will require medication for the same.

You are not allowed to eat by mouth post surgery, though, some doctors allow their patients to do the same. You may experience sore and swollen throat due to the ET tubes, therefore, it is highly improbable that you’ll feel like having anything even if you want to. You’ll have to follow the diet recommended by your surgeon. At this point, your surgeon will recommend some of the foods such as cream soup (strained), broth, milk, sugar-free gelatin, unsweetened juice. Carbonated beverages and caffeine drinks are not allowed. At first, only clear liquids and protein shake are allowed for intake. Once you get out of that restricted zone, you are shifted on to mashed up foods.

Surgeries don’t do miracles just like that. You’ve got to have that zeal in you, which drive you in the direction of working for a better lifestyle. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is among one of the top gastric sleeve surgeons in Delhi, India.

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