Acute Abdominal Pain – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Acute Abdominal Pain – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Among various abdominal diseases acute abdomen is one of the most dangerous diseases which needs immediate attention as it may even prove fatal. Now there are many renowned hospitals for Abdominal Pain treatment in Delhi. So, more you stay aware of this disease more you will be able to stay safe. Here is a brief knowledge about the disease.

What Is Acute Abdominal Pain

Acute abdominal pain or acute abdomen is a kind of stomach pain which starts suddenly and may require surgical intervention to treat the cause.

Causes Of Acute Abdomen  

Here are few most common causes of acute abdominal pain –

–    Constipation

–    Stomach virus

–    Indigestion

–    Food poisoning

–    Menstrual cramps

–    Gas

–    Ulcers

–    Food allergies

–    Hernia

–    Pelvic inflammatory disease

–    Kidney stones

–    Urinary tract infection

–    Crohn’s disease

–    Appendicitis

–    Gall stones

Symptoms of acute abdominal pain

Knowing about the symptoms can help you detect the disease in time and get the right treatment.

–    Any signs of dehydration.

–    Fever

–    Painful or unusually frequent urination.

–    Pain that continues for few hours.

–    When the abdomen is tender to touch.

–    Blood in vomiting.

–    Difficulty in breathing.

–    Bloody or black tarry stools.


In the case of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, contact your doctors as soon as possible. Any delay may cause serious health problems.


Treatment differs depending on the cause of abdominal pain. It can range from medications for ulcers, inflammation, GERD to antibiotics for infections caused by foods and beverages. But in some cases such as a hernia and appendicitis, surgery may be required.

PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE – This simple saying has a great importance in our life. More you stay cautious, more you will stay safe from these fatal diseases. So take care and live healthily!!

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